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Add a Touch of Luxury with Our Skylights Installation and Repair in Slingerlands, NY

Bring in the sunshine with a skylight for your home. Call (518) 209-4224 to find the perfect skylight options.

Does your home feel dark, overcrowded, or dingy? You can make it feel brighter with skylights from Grace Roofing. We are a roofing company known for exceptional roofing services since 2004. Our expertise also shines through in our skylight installation and repair service.

At Grace Roofing, we don’t just install any skylights. We only install the best brand in the industry: VELUX, a world-renowned manufacturer with a reputation as the leader in this niche.

Call us today if you want a roofer that will guarantee the best skylights for your home.

Home in New York with Velux Skylights
Home in New York with Velux Skylights

Skylight Installation and Repair Services from Your Local Roofers

At Grace Roofing, we offer a full range of skylights, roof windows, and sun tunnel systems. As VELUX certified installers, you can trust us for:

Skylight installation
Skylight replacement
Skylight repairs
Deck-mounted skylights

Our expert roofers guarantee proper skylight installation. We also offer customized solutions that will leave your home looking brighter and more spacious, whether you want a new skylight in the living room, bathroom, or bedrooms.

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The Advantages of Installing VELUX Skylights

When you think about installing VELUX skylights, the idea is usually to bring more sunshine into your home. Our skylights installation service does this and offers more benefits, including:

  • Improved energy efficiency. Skylights reduce your home’s reliance on electrical lighting systems, so you save money on electrical lighting. Take advantage of the UV rays, and do your part to save the planet.
  • Better ventilation. Skylights can increase ventilation in any space. VELUX Fresh Air skylights allow you to open these roof windows manually or with a remote, to let in the fresh air.
  • Better lighting control. Some skylights come with manual or solar-powered blinds you can pull up or down, allowing you better control over when to let in the sunlight.
Home in New York with Velux Skylights

Request a Free Estimate for Your Skylight Window

Are you ready to illuminate your home with the perfect skylight? We are here to bring your dreams to life. Our team of factory-trained installers will provide a customized solution to give you the energy-efficient, ventilated, and well-lit space you want in your home.

Call Grace Roofing at (518) 209-4224 for a free estimate to install or repair your home's skylights in Slingerlands, NY.

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