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Having grown up in the Delmar region my entire life, it is an honor to serve the community I was raised in. We have a strong, unique, and inclusive community that has supported me since I started working within the industry in the early 2000's as a woman owned business. I believe in the rich history of the local architecture and the strong sense of community which maintains and enriches where we call home. It is with gratitude and diligence that we serve our community daily by transforming one roof at a time and protecting our homes and families!

We believe in supporting those in need and have worked hard to found our community outreach program, which provides "at cost" roofs to those in need. Once a year we give away one to three entirely free roofs. We are grateful to those who also serve alongside us in the community and we do our best to support those organizations as well. In this small way we hope to uplift and give back to the community and neighbors within, that have already given us so much.

Guinevere Gorman and the Grace Roofing Team

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